RF WebLab UP! (17/3/21)

We succesfully replaced the broken component in RF WebLab today. The system is up and running again.

We also took this opportunity to slightly reduce the ACPR asymmetry, as illustrated by the screenshots below. This is actually a return to an old configuration as existed before.

Enjoy your continued use of RF WebLab!

Koen Buisman on behalf of the RF WebLab team.

RF WebLab reduced ACPR asymmetry
RF WebLab ACPR asymmetry

RF Weblab up (25/01)

RF WebLab is up and running again. Most likely some network connectivity issues happened during the weekend, impacting all traffic to and from RF WebLab. After restarting the RF WebLab server today, it seems everything is working fine again.

Koen Buisman