RF WebLab available again, new v1.2 client released

RF WebLab is available again. The problem we encountered had to do with how we upload the data to our server. We used the same method for 10 years, but recent updates at our web server broke our method. This has now been updated and a new RF WebLab client, v1.2 has been released today.

Some details: we use the function urlreadpost.m by Dan Ellis to upload the data. This uses multipart/form-data to POST the data to our website. To separate the data a boundary is used, which was *****************. Our webserver started to reject this boundary with a 400 error (bad syntax). We updated the boundary to only use letters and numbers. This solved our issue.

To find the error was very troublesome, as all indications at first pointed to an issue in our php code at the web server. After finally locating the error, to fix it was trivial.

Please update your client to the v1.2 version, which can be found under access details. The old client is no longer functional and a warning will be displayed asking to update your client.

Koen Buisman