Digital predistortion (DPD) is today a commonly used method for linearization of RF transmitters. However, further developments are still needed. For this reason the “Power Amplifier Linearization Through Digital Pre-distortion Linearization” student design competition at the International Microwave Symposium was proposed in 2014. The competition also serves as a benchmark between algorithms because it is now possible to evaluate the algorithms on a common system, by means of the remote access.

In order to give the participants a possibility to test their linearization algorithms in advance, this homepage has been created. Here you can remotely access the measurement system (WebLab) which incorporates a signal generator, nonlinear GaN power amplifier and a signal analyzer. This setup makes it possible for the competitors to test their algorithms in advance.

This remote access to a state-of-art measurement setup was initially intended for the competitors of the IMS Student Competition, but with the generous sponsoring of dedicated measurement equipment from National Instruments, we will now make RF WebLab at Chalmers permanently available for everyone to use. This makes it possible for those that do not have access to equipment yet to make measurements using a state-of-art experimental setup and thereby increase the understanding of hardware imperfections on signal quality in modern communication system transmitters.

Information about accessing the remote measurement system are given on Access Details. If you do not want to read all the text but just have a short demonstration of the system, go directly to DEMO and hit the Demo-button.

Contact persons
Dr. Koen Buisman, Chalmers, Sweden
Prof. Christian Fager, Chalmers, Sweden
Prof. Thomas Eriksson, Chalmers, Sweden
Dr. Per Landin, Ericsson, Sweden
Mr. Sebastian Gustafsson, Chalmers, Sweden
Dr. Takao Inoue, National Instruments, USA
If you have any questions, please send an email to us at RFWebLab@dpdcompetition.com.