Welcome to the RF WebLab home page!

RF weblab at Chalmers hosted the IMS Digital PreDistortion Student Design Competition in 2014 and 2015. The same amplifier as used for the IMS 2015 Competition will now be seperately available on RF WebLab at Chalmers.

The intention with this site is to give DPD developers worldwide access to a common amplifier and measurement system, making evaluation of the performance of DPD algorithms easy, and enabling comparisons between various algorithms on a common platform.

There will be two ways to use this platform. One way is to upload a set of data to our server, wait for a few seconds until a measurement has been done, and then download the resulting output data and efficiency data. The other way is to download a dedicated MATLAB m or a LabVIEW VI file that handles the entire process for you. You can find more information about both these ways on the Access Details, or just go to DEMO and hit the Demo-button to get a demonstration of what the setup can deliver.

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