Detail rules of RS Cup DPD Competiton

Rohde & Schwarz Cup On-line DPD Competition

Rules in Detail

  1. The system will be closed at 8:00 PM (UTC +8:00), May 24.
  2. You should make video call with us 3 minutes before you start. We will open the remote lab for you, while other teams are not accessible.
  3. Each team has a 30-minute time slot, including not more than 25 minutes for training, while the remaining minutes are for testing.
  4. If the upload speed is slow (less than 100kbps), the test time can be extended appropriately. There will be no scores if you don’t finish in time.
  5. We will send you an encrypted document, which includes 3 groups of test data:

test_signal_1a.txt  —  The first test signal of channel 1.

test_signal_2a.txt  —  The first test signal of channel 2.

test_signal_1b.txt  —  The second test signal of channel 1.

test_signal_2b.txt  —  The second test signal of channel 2.

test_signal_1c.txt  —  The third test signal of channel 1.

test_signal_2c.txt  —  The third test signal of channel 2.

The format of the test data and the training data we sent is exactly the same.

  1. When you finish the training, we will tell you the password. Then you need to generate the DPD signals with the ‘test_signal_1a.txt’ and ‘test_signal_2a.txt’ and upload them via the sender function. We will save the results file and tell you the score, then you can do the same procedures with ‘b’ and ‘c’ by turns.
  2. During the testing period, no more training is allowed.
  3. The final score is the average of the three tests, which will be published on the RS cup page of the DPD site: