Time setting and other details of R&S Cup online DPD competition

The R&S Cup online DPD competition will be held at May 24 and 25. The whole competition time lasts for 36 hours, from 10:00 AM May 24 to 10:00 PM May 25 (UTC+8:00). Each team will have half an hour for the competition, and we need you to send us the available time slots before 0:00 May 21 (UTC+8:00). We will post the schedule of the competition on the website and by email.

During the 36 hours of competition time, the remote lab will be opened exclusively to the team in progress by the schedule. At that time, other teams will not be able to use the remote lab.

Notice that the signals of 2 channels should be a single-carrier signal ( for ch1) and a three-carrier signal ( for ch2) .The scoring rule requires each team to make better ACPR with higher power and coupling coefficient.

Intelligent Microwave and Circuit System Lab of Tsinghua University