Rohde & Schwarz Cup On-line DPD Competition

The R&S Cup on-line DPD competition is going to be held for world-wide participants!

  • WHAT: On-line DPD competition to linearize a 2-channel MIMO transmitter with crosstalk. The MATLAB scripts, instruments platform and evaluation rules are the same with IMS2019 SDC DPD competition. Please visit the DPD competition website ( for detailed rules.
  • Fig. 1 Block diagram of test bench.
  • WHEN: Between 23th and 25th of May 2019. The exact date will be determined according to the available time of participants.
  • WHO CAN PARTICIPANT: Anyone interested in the DPD linearization technique.
  • PRIZES: Sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz
    • 1st team: 600 USD
    • 2nd team: 400 USD
    • 3th team: 200 USD

The final scores will be posted on:

  1. Send an e-mail containing the university, name of the team members, their contact details (e-mail preferred) and a team photo to and to with the subject line “Registration: R&S Cup On-line DPD Competition” before 13th May, 2019 (Beijing is in time zone CST, UTC + 8). For the IMS2019 SDC DPD teams, only a simple reply to inform us whether participating in this competition is enough.
  2. The skype video call will be established with each team on the competition day in case of you need assistance.
  3. The exchange of the test data will be accomplished through FTP and MATLAB scripts ‘ims2019_THULabSender.p’ and ‘ims2019_THULabReceiver.p’, so make sure the FTP connection will not be blocked by the PC firewall. Visit for more details.
  4. Each team will have 30 minutes to train their DPD algorithm. In your exclusive time slot, other teams cannot have access to our server. After training, the TEST SIGNAL will be given to the participants to generate the predistorted signal through the linearization algorithm, and upload to our platform for evaluation. No more algorithm training is allowed at this moment.
  5. Each team will have 3 times to send the predistorted signal and calculate the SCOREs. The final score is the average of these three scores.Scoring rules:
    • ACPR values below -45 dBc improve the score.
    • NMSE values below -36 dB improve the score.
    • Average output powers in excess of 36 dBm improve the score while below 36 dBm decrease the score. The output powers are considered only when the ACPRs reach -45 dBc.
    • The value of the coupling strength is added in the formula. The coupling strength is considered only when the ACPRs reach -45 dBc.

    Score formula:






At the day of the competition at the IMS venue in Boston, each test will be performed 3 times. The average of these three realizations will be your final SCORE.