[UPDATED]About FTP connection

We are so sorry to delay the opening of the server, because of our campus gateway.

So we have built a server on public network. The IP of the server is different now. For security reasons, we decided to keep the server’s ID secret. So we will send you the two renewed functions by email.

If you are unable to connect to the FTP server, we recommend that you change the following settings:

Internet information service in control panel:  ‘FTP service’, ‘FTP extensions’ and ‘TFTP client’ is open;

Internet Explorer browser  is not off-line working;

Firewall allows ‘windows resource managers’ and FTP;

Internet Options Advanced Setting: cancel the ’Using passive FTP‘ option.

These settings should solve the problem of disconnection. Then the ‘FileZilla’ Client can be completely replaced by the two functions. Click here to view the Chinese version of the settings. If you have any problems about FTP connect, please contact Chason by zhujm18@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn.