NOTICE: how to visit the remote lab

Hello, participants of IMS2019 DPD SDC. The remote experimental platform will be aviliable on 25th, April. The communication between your PC and our FTP server is set by FileZilla. So, please download and install ‘Filezllia client'(a kind of FTP software) on .

We will provide every team your ID and default password of FTP client. The platform mostly bases on matlab, you can upload it with the ‘ims2019_THULabSender.p‘ function we provide. 

The steps of the platform are: once you submit your data via ‘ims2019_THULabSender.p‘ function, we will recognize the data first and put it into our experimental platform to do the processing.Then we will send it back to matlab for subsequent processing and scoring, and return a .mat file with a cell in it, whose form is  {[score],[signal power1,signal power2,coupling factor],[outdata]}.

Or you can upload the .mat file manually:

Each team will have the permission to upload the data file into one same folder named “upload”, so you can drop it into the ‘upload’ folder via the FileZilla Client. Make sure you will download your results in time from your exclusive folder, such as ‘ims2019_teamA’. Otherwise, it could be covered by the result of next submission (to protect the server’s storage room).

Now you should download and configure FileZilla client and make it work. You can use its network configuration guide , it’s quite helping. (We met some problems in this process, make sure your firewall is open for FileZilla, and make sure your PC have a public net IP).

If you meet any problems during the configuration, please contact:

Best regards

The IMS2019 DPD SDC team